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The Sheltie.Net Photo pages are now ready for you to upload those favorite Sheltie pictures! Just click on the "Photo" link to the left and have a great time. I can't wait to see all my Sheltie friends on my website!!!!

Tucker K. McFee

     Welcome to the NEW Sheltie.Net. We've completely redesigned our website to be more functional and informative for our guests. We hope you like the changes and will come back often to help us grow. Browse through our site and stop off in our guestbook to register your visit. Or visit our new, expanded forum pages to share your Sheltie experiences and get information from other Sheltie lovers just like you. Be sure to take a look at our new Sheltie puppy search pages, especially if you're looking for a Sheltie puppy of your very own! But more than anything, be sure to leave us your comments and suggestions so we can work to make this site one of the best of the web......


Meet Tucker's Best Girl, Callie! She's the Sheltie.Net's own  Champion Agility Sheltie !!! Meet Callie in our forums and ask her all about Shelties and Agility training. Also, Callie usually stops by our Sheltie Chat every Sunday at 8:00 pm ET so feel free to visit Callie and Tucker and Rusty and several other great Sheltie type friends.

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 Breeder links - Check out our list of Sheltie Breeders. Find a breeder in your area or search all of our member breeders for available puppies.

Search for Puppies - Find puppies online that are available from any of our Sheltie Breeders. Find a breeder in your area or search all of our member breeders for available puppies.

Sheltie Rescue - Get information about these special Shelties. Find out where you can get a rescued Sheltie. Or maybe you'd like some information about how you can help Sheltie Rescue in your area.

Sheltie Forums - Exchange your stories and thoughts about Shelties (and their owners) here. Meet some of our members and what they do. Get information about raising a Sheltie or advice on what to do with that special friend of yours.

Pictures - Meet all of Tucker's friends and other Shelties at work and play. Or maybe you'd like to upload a photo or two of your very own Sheltie. We'd love to see them!

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